What Is The Main Cause Of Endometriosis?

Several factors can be considered a primary cause of endometriosis. These include changes in the immune system, retrograde menstruation, and pain. However, despite the importance of these factors, a physician must always be consulted to determine a proper treatment plan. Listed below are the main causes of endometriosis. All of these can affect the chances of pregnancy. If you are experiencing this condition, visit the endometriosis doctor in Dubai for proper treatment. 

Retrograde menstruation:

Most women will experience retrograde menstruation at least once during their lifetime. Retrograde menstruation occurs when menstrual fluid flows backward into the fallopian tubes. The menstrual fluid may sometimes escape and enter the pelvic cavity. In these cases, menstrual fluid can cause serious ailments and symptoms, such as endometriosis.

Changes in the immune system:

Immune cells have a crucial role in the development and progression of endometriosis. However, most studies have focused on the immune system in the peritoneal cavity, and only a few studies have explored immunological changes at the uterine level. The immune system regulates cell survival and proliferation, and its malfunction can result in endometriosis.

Chronic inflammation:

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease. Numerous causes of endometriosis exist, but chronic inflammation is the most prevalent. A woman’s reproductive system is imbued with a ground plexus of autonomic nerves. These nerves regulate glandular secretions and smooth muscle activity. They also send information to the central nervous system. Changes in sex hormones regulate the remodeling of sympathetic nerves in the uterus, even in the absence of pregnancy. The imbalance of sympathetic innervation may contribute to peripheral neuroinflammation.


While there are no cures for endometriosis, some treatment options can help manage pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly prescribed to alleviate pain, as are hormonal treatments such as birth control pills or gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists. Hormonal therapy is another option, as it mimics the effects of menopause and no-ovulation. Hormonal treatments are also available as laparoscopic surgery.

Scar tissue formation:

Although the pain from the condition may be minimal, adhesions on the endometrium can impede pregnancy. If you do not experience pain, discuss your treatment options with your OB-GYN. Treatment for endometriosis includes removing the scar tissue and restoring the normal function of internal organs. Sometimes, a medical balloon or an intrauterine device can be inserted into the uterus to relieve the symptoms.

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