How Can Residents Benefit From Amer Centres In Dubai?

Amer Centres are convenient, one-stop shops. They not only streamline transactions but also create jobs for Emiratis. However, not everyone knows how to utilize the services offered by these businesses. Read on to discover how Amer Centres can benefit residents in Dubai. Here are just a few examples. To learn more about the benefits of Amer Centres, please visit the official website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai. Click this link to find the Amer center locations near you.

Amer Centres are a one-stop-shop:

Amer Centres are a new concept of a community center. These centres are privately owned but must adhere to strict government guidelines. The government monitors these facilities regularly to ensure they provide good services to residents. The new concept also includes a cafeteria and rest area. It will be able to handle more than 5000 transactions per day. The Amer Centre will also have a parking lot.

They simplify transactions:

Amer Centres in Dubai have been launched to facilitate government transactions and simplify visa applications. These centers are working to increase residents’ and dealers’ happiness and satisfaction by ensuring a more convenient and efficient experience for everyone. The centres are coordinated with government departments, including the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the Federal Customs Authority, and the Department of Economic Development. The Centres have the capability of helping residents complete legal and financial transactions without the hassle of visiting the directorate and many more.

They increase efficiency:

The GDRFA, the government-owned company responsible for the Amer Centres in Dubai, is constantly monitoring the services offered by its centers. They do this by appointing mystery shoppers to assess the services and facilities. These mystery shoppers check a range of factors, including cleanliness, customer service, employee training, and Emiratization. If the Centres do not meet the government’s requirements, they are subject to fines. To open an Amer Centre, a local investor must apply to the government and comply with several conditions.

They provide job opportunities to Emiratis:

The Amer Centres in Dubai are located throughout the emirate. They are operated by Emirati staff and will soon number 40. There will be 70 Amer Centres by the end of this year, providing jobs to more than 1,000 Emiratis. Amer Centres have a range of services and are staffed by trained employees. In some centres, you can complete more than 6,000 transactions daily, making it one of the fastest ways to get a visa to the UAE.

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