A Guide to Dressing Modestly in the UAE

What does it mean to wear modestly in the UAE? In this article, you’ll learn why women and men should consider modest wear in UAE. We’ll also explain where it’s appropriate to wear such clothing. If you’re planning a trip to the UAE, follow local customs and dress conservatively. You’ll be more comfortable and have more respect for locals if you follow the example they set.

Dressing modestly is permissible in the UAE:

In Dubai, you may think that dressing modestly is not permitted. However, the country’s dress code is more relaxed than its neighboring emirates, so dressing modestly is not an issue. Most establishments ask that you cover your shoulders and knees when entering mosques. Moreover, beach clothing should only be worn on the beaches and pool areas. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the perks of a luxury resort without exposing yourself, Dubai Travel Insurance is the best option. It will cover 150+ adventure activities and includes 24/7 emergency assistance.

Women should wear abaya:

The abaya is similar to a cloak worn over the head with a headscarf. It conceals body shapes and reveals the face but does not cover the entire body. Its history in the UAE is short, only six or seven decades, but its acceptance in the country has changed local fashion. Here, women should wear an abaya to maintain a modest appearance in public.

Men should wear kandura:

While the UAE has no religious requirement to cover up completely, it is still best to observe the proper dress code. Arab men are expected to wear kandura, a long white robe. The longer the robe is, the higher your station in society. Shorter robes indicate modesty. A black band called agal must be worn around the neck for men.

Places to wear modest clothing:

Although women in the UAE aren’t expected to cover up entirely, there are certain areas where modest clothing is required, such as the malls and the beach. In addition to covering up the shoulders, you should avoid tight clothing, such as jeans, and be aware of the police’s strict dress code. Visitors to the UAE should dress modestly so they don’t attract unwanted attention.

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