4 Pro Tips To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

If you want your cut flowers to last longer, there are a few things you can do. First, add flower food to the water in the vase. Make sure to mix it well, and then rinse the vase well after. Dirt and dust can ruin the cut flowers and shorten the vase’s life. In addition, if you cut your flowers at an angle, they will not get as much food and water as they could have. If you are wishing to deliver flowers to Abu Dhabi, visit this link to know the terms and conditions. 


To extend the life of your cut flowers, you can add an aspirin tablet to them. The aspirin will soften the stems and open them up to water, making them last five to nine days. Make sure you cut the bottoms of the stems at an angle so that they can absorb water. Trim the flowers every three to four days. If you do not, they will begin to dry and may even succumb to mold.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

If you’re having trouble keeping cut flowers fresh, try this simple method: fill a vase with equal parts vinegar and sugar. The vinegar helps flowers absorb liquids better and keeps them looking their best for longer. To use this simple remedy, cut your stems and add a teaspoon of vinegar or sugar to each vase. After two to three days, remove your flowers from the vase and refill them with fresh water. Repeat this procedure every couple of days until your flowers look as good as new.


Most flowers benefit from adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar to the water in their vase. However, some flowers require lower concentrations of sugar or higher amounts. Adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar to a quart of water is enough to give most cut flowers a two-week life span. Tulips, marguerite daisies, and daffodils should not be treated with sugar.

Cutting at an angle:

Adding fresh floral arrangements to your home improves the beauty of any room. Cutting cut flowers at an angle extends their life, as the cut end is wider and more able to receive water. This method is also important when pruning plants and trimming flowers off stems. This method prevents the leaves from turning in the water and prolongs the life of cut flowers.

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