4 Components You'll Find In An HVAC System

When you’re dealing with an HVAC system, it’s important to know what each part does. Learning the terms for each component will make it easier to communicate with a technician and understand what they are telling you. For example, knowing what a grinding noise in an HVAC system means could help you determine whether or not it’s a problem with the system. Visit our office for the best AC duct cleaning in Sharjah.

Heat generator:

Installing a heat generator in an HVAC system can provide backup power during an outage or emergency. Most HVAC contractors will tell you that the amps required during startup are too high, but you can avoid this problem by installing a soft start kit, which reduces the amps required during start-up by 68 percent. The other important factor to consider is running amps, which are generally lower than start-up amps. It is important to ensure that your generator can handle both.

Air exchanger:

An air exchanger is a crucial component of an HVAC system, as the process of transferring air is responsible for regulating indoor air quality. Besides controlling temperature, it also helps reduce humidity and prevents mold. The main benefit of an air exchanger is that it’s energy-efficient, and you can set it to any humidity level you’d like. Generally, they connect to your existing ductwork.


Installing a Thermostat is an important part of installing a new HVAC system. Thermostat wiring should be done correctly for maximum effectiveness. It should be installed at least five feet off the floor and 18 inches away from an outside wall. The thermostat should not be located near a door, stairwell, or corner. These areas limit the circulation of air and can cause problems.

Ventilation system:

Ventilation is an important part of an HVAC system. This system moves air throughout your home, and it can be separate from your HVAC system or attached to it. The type of ventilation system you choose will depend on the type of space and climate you live in. Some types are designed for warm climates, while others are designed for cold climates. If you choose the wrong type of ventilation system for your home, you could run into problems such as mold or moisture buildup.

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